Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sewing Sunday

I meant to write this yesterday for Sewing Saturday but the day just got away from me. At least today starts with an S, right? LOL :)

I've been pretty busy in my sewing room lately. I've been completing several small projects so while it looks like I've gotten a lot of things done here (and I have!), each item didn't take that much time to make. I really love doing small projects, specially after the large wholesale orders I've just completed the week before.

I completed the wetbag wholesale order for Karin at at the beginning of the week. I also made 1 bag in each color for my shop. So I now have 4 new small wetbags in my shop ready to ship!

I've been really wanting to work through my sewing to-do list and I'm finally getting the chance to do that. This week I choose to make headbands and sewing rolls. I made 5 narrow headbands, 5 wide headbands and 5 sewing rolls. I really like the headbands but I didn't make one for me, that'll have to go back on my to-do list. :) I made myself a sewing roll a long, long time ago and finally got around to making some for my shop. Here are a few pictures but you can find all the headbands in this section of my shop and all the sewing rolls in this section of my shop.

Lastly, Jameson's 2nd birthday is right around the corner! I've really tried to keep our budget as low as possible. I try to buy 1 large gift, this year I got him a 30 piece organic building block set hand made by an artisan on Etsy. It used walnut and oak woods and is beautiful! It was expensive BUT it will last for years and years and possibly through some grandkids too. (Mommy might play with them too.)  :) Then, I try to make a gift or 2. I purchased some on-the-go play mats to sew up for a craft show, which I haven't had time to do, so I pulled one out to sew up for Jameson instead. It turned out super cute! I basted it using this method (minus the boards, I just rolled it tightly) and I have NO wrinkles on the back (my perpetual problem) and I quilted it using basic straight line quilting following the streets and around all the buildings. This is another gift that will get lots and lots of use I'm sure!

I've already got my to-do sewing list figured out for next week. I hope I get just as much done as I did this week! Have a good day All!!

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