Sunday, August 5, 2012


Hi friends!

Did you know that I've got 5 Etsy shops and 1 .com that I run? Did you know that I'm also running 4 Facebook Fanpages? Crazy, huh?

So here's the deal, to help cut down on some of my time spent online, I've opted to consolidate my fanpages. I'm shutting down all of them but Heather's Green Home Goods, which is my umbrella main business. Instead of posting the same things or posting new items from each shop that correspond to the fanpage, I'll be sticking strictly to my Heather's Green Home Goods. If you're not a fan yet, hop on over and like it!

I'll be doing a giveaway when I reach a certain number of fans... I haven't decided what number or what to give away yet... but I'll let you know when I do!

So like, share, and show some love!! :)

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