Friday, November 22, 2013

Personal Project: A Sweater for Bella

My Toy Yorkie, Bella, gets a little cold in the winter time here. Yes, I know how some people think it's stupid to dress up a dog. I really don't care what they think because my dog is just 3 pounds full-grown and Yorkie's have no warm winter undercoat. She gets cold and there's no reason she can't look cute while dressing up either. She's my companion dog that my husband sent me while he was deployed last year. See, isn't she cute? <3 :)

I'd been really wanting to teach myself Fair Isle or colorwork knitting but I needed a small project to get my feet wet in. A new sweater for Bella would be the perfect thing!

I started out by picking out some yarns, then knitting up a gauge. After I'd had my gauge I was able to measure from that to figure out how large I needed the sweater.

I spent a good day going through my books on color knitting and looking at patterns. I finally decided to create my own and came up with this!

I spent about a week knitting here and there. I'm a pretty slow knitter to begin with and when you add in a 2nd color for the first time, well, it took some getting used to!

And here is the finished product! I really enjoyed learning Fair Isle knitting and loved making something for my puppy at the same time.

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