Tuesday, June 7, 2011

girl, disconnected: Week 1 Check-In

It's about time I wrote about 'girl, disconnected' again! I can't believe a week has already gone by!

I started off thinking that this would be sooooo hard but you know what? It's not! I've been super busy that I haven't even really thought about being online that much. I have been getting so much done!

I've done really well at following my rules. I'm only getting online at nap time, which is roughly 2 hours long. During that time I'm checking my email, keeping up with my shops and customers, working on miscellaneous computer stuff, and school planning.

I'm currently wrapped up in planning our next school year. I've already gotten all the books and supplies we need, gotten a schedule set down (we follow a year round schedule), and am now planning daily lessons. If you homeschool or have any teaching experience you will understand how time consuming this can be. I'm trying to take it little chunks at a time and am trying to not get overly excited about all the cool stuff Ian & I will be learning in the future. Yes, I will be learning things right along with him! In the mean time we'll be wrapping up this school year in about 2 weeks. School keeps us busy and me off the computer.

I have stayed off facebook completely. There has been times that I wanted to jump on and tell about something one of my kids has done or said or some other piece of this or that but I haven't and the urge is lessening. It is strange how it has become a part of our world. I honestly don't miss it. If it weren't for the my business I would probably just get rid of it. (Commence the friend freak out for even thinking of such sacrilege…)

I've also behaved myself in that fact that I haven't bought anymore fabric (or sewing supplies) and I'm attempting to use what I've already got, which is a lot! I have been working through so many projects lately, thanks to this experiment, that my creative juices are flowing so much and I can't keep up!

My family and more specifically Ian's baseball practices and games have been also keeping me plenty busy. I don't particularly care for it. I love that he's playing the sport, I don't like the 6pm games (where dinner is at 4:30pm and the boys get to bed late), or trying to find a babysitter (or else spend the time chasing Jameson), or the heat (and allergies which make me sick and give me headaches). But what can one do besides tough it out? Oh well. I have been glad that my husband is helping.

Which brings me to my last thought… my husband is leaving this weekend for 3 weeks of annual training. We still don't know if he's going to this 4 month school he needs to go to, if he does he leaves the day after he gets back from annual training. Of course, he probably won't know for another 2 or 3 weeks. Isn't that nice? The 3 weeks will be really rough for me- I'll be single parenting while he misses everything, again, as is the way of the military lifestyle (and I won't be able to get on facebook for support.) I have to take care of everything or find some way to delegate it, which in itself is stressful when you are used to your husband just doing it and you not having to think of it. Then add the stress of not know if he'll be home or gone the next 4 months… not to mention he deploys in May of next year. At least that date is set. *Sigh* We'll survive it, we always do!

I am really enjoying being disconnected like this! I hope I can report that next week too! :)

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