Friday, June 24, 2011

Wing Snap Fitted Diaper- Testing Phase!

I've recently come across a cool new diaper style. I guess this style has been floating around out on the web for awhile and I somehow came across it one way or another. Anyways, my baby is growing and it was time to make him some new diapers, so I thought I'd give this kind a try!

So far, so good! I really like them. :) Basically, you fold the wings to the center of the diaper, put baby on and snap the diaper on like a regular diaper. I like the extra thickness it provides, yet it unfolds for quicker drying. I had to experiment with how I applied the snaps but the 2 shown here are what I finally settled on (2 diapers not shown as they were just 'practice'). I love snaps so much better then touchtape/velcro and I think I've finally found a diaper to use my stash on.

Overall these are a great fitted diapers for day use. The only draw back is that they required a diaper cover. In my opinion, that's not really that big of a deal. I already have a bunch over covers. :)

What does Jameson think of his new diapers? He loves his RARRRR & Eeee-Eeee-Eeee (aka dinosaur & monkey) diapers!

I'm definitely going to add them to my shop as I find time.

Here are some photos of the diaper unfolded and snapped together…

And here are some in-action diaper photos (sorry for the blurriness, my model wouldn't hold still for long)…

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