Saturday, June 25, 2011

An Update and a New Awareness

This past week I wrote that I'm having some possible health issues. I went to the doctor last Tuesday for my women's wellness check up and was told that my thyroid was/is swollen. Many people have thyroid problems but it is usually something the older population, particularly women, have. Not a 27 year old.

Blood tests were run and I asked around my family for more detailed history which is a pretty negative one. I got my results back Thursday and they were in the upper normal range. Not great but not bad enough to do anything about.

I went back to my doctor this morning to talk about the results and what needs to be done. As of right now I will only need to monitor it yearly with a blood test to check the hormone levels. If I ever develop lumps or if the thyroid causes me any other problems I'll be sent to an endocrinologist for further testing.

But having my thyroid possibly malfunction brought up some other issues today with my doctor. Because I have a pretty strong history of thyroid issues and diabetes in my family, we talked about what I can do diet-wise and health-wise to push off any developing future problems.

I was a gestational diabetic (pregnancy induced diabetes) during my last pregnancy. I was able to eat extremely healthy, avoided all starches (bread & potatoes), and especially avoided anything with high fructose corn syrup. I will basically be doing that again… eating a well balanced, as-close-to whole foods, and no processed foods diet as possible.

We also talked about how I need to lose weight. She said I should lose between 20-25 pounds and get my BMI under 22. Doing that will also prolong my health and life and hold off any future health problems. Loosing weight is a no-brainer it's just getting my body to cooperate, making a habit of it, and finding the time. I'm making baby steps though!

Lastly, we talked a little bit about my mental status. That's not particularly something that comes up in everyday conversation. lol But she was concerned that I am not handling things, that I'm stress, and need a little extra support. She basically hit the nail on the head, as they say, and we agreed for me to go see someone about stress management, find out more information about military spousal support, and for me to get out once a week, alone, for a 'mental health' break. (Doctors orders, dear husband!!!)

I'll be going back in a month to check in on my healthy eating habits, weight loss, and mental health.

So, basically, I need to take care of me so I can take care of my family. Sometimes I feel that it's easier said then done but I know, for real now, that it HAS to be done, one way or another.

Thanks for reading such a long post!

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