Friday, April 15, 2011

Fitness Friday Confessional

I have a confession to make. I've not been very good at eating right or exercising the past 2 months. Things were kind of crazy as we were getting used to homeschooling. My sister told me I was nuts to start homeschooling and a fitness routine at the same time. You know, she was right! So, I pulled back on the fitness routine until we got the homeschooling routine figured out.

The past 2 weeks I've been able to add getting healthy back in to my daily routine.

I try to be mindful of what I eat now and write down everything that goes in to my mouth. At night, before bed, I record what I've eaten on which tracks my calories in and calories out. I'm not mindlessly stuffing food in my mouth but am conscious of what I eat and why I eat it.

I'm still trying to figure out a good exercise routine. I don't have a gym or reliable childcare available to me. I also try not to rely on my husband too much because we are never sure what hours he is working that day or if he'll even be home or out of town. However, I'm trying to take my boys out for walks as much as possible, jump on our new trampoline, or walk on the treadmill in the basement. I am working on adding the exercising habit to my daily routine.

The only good thing about pulling back and taking a break from my fitness routine is that I didn't put the weight back on that I had originally taken off. I somehow managed to maintain 144.5 pounds, down from 150 pounds at the beginning of this year. (If I was 5'8" then 150 pounds would probably look perfect on me but on my 5'3" frame it's too much.)

I still have a ways to go though before I get back to my pre-pregnancy days of 120 pounds. I know I can do it!

I've set myself a new mini-goal for the end of this month- I want to weight 142 on 4/30/11. It's recommended to lose only about a pound per week. If I can manage to lose 2.5 pounds in the next 2 weeks then I will be so proud of myself!

Is anyone else on a Fitness Journey with me? What are your goals?

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