Friday, April 8, 2011

May for Me!

My sister, Tonya, and her bloggy friend, Marcia, came up with a great idea a little while ago. Tonya describes it best when she said 'I have found with many of us that we give, give, give---and never take time for us! This time is so important. May for Me is all about rejuvenation and renewal...and FUN!'

I have been compiling a list of things I want to sew for myself. My list is growing and growing! It might take me longer then May to get everything I want done but that's OK!

Here's what I want to make:
  • 'The Jamie Dress' X2
  • Simplicity Misses Top X3
  • McCall's Top B X2
  • Provence Smock (from 'A is for Apron' book)
  • Apron C from 'More Retro Aprons' by Cindy Taylor Oates
  • Capri's (using 'Design-It-Yourself' book)

I encourage you to join in too! Make time for yourself for a change. Your list doesn't need to be as ambitious as mine. :)

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