Saturday, April 30, 2011

April's Accomplishments

I got a pretty good amount of things completed this month!

I deep cleaned my house. What a task!

I survived another 3 weeks of homeschooling and a week of Spring Break. I'm barely hanging on.

I also got a ton done in the sewing room!

I completed a wetbag wholesale order for Dominopads I made 24 bags in different sizes and different batiks.

I also made a several wetbags for my Etsy shop, Hen and Chick Cloth.

And I made a few more wetbags. This fabric is special though. My sister, Tonya, from Hillbilly Handiworks, hand dyed this fabric. She was very generous and gave me this fabric to make something with. The fabric is a work of art in itself and my pictures don't do it justice. I'm still working on listing these at the time of this post but you can always keep an eye out for them in the wetbag section of the shop.

I also made several items from this Alexander Henry "Rockin' Broncos" fabric. This stuff is super cute and already listed in my shop.

Wetbag (already sold!)

On top of all that, I inventoried fabric that I got from my step-mother-in-law. The bottom box is done and already listed, the middle box is the one I inventoried this month, and the top box hasn't been touched yet. You can find all the fabric I currently have for sale in The Sewing Stash.

I also took a swing at attempting to stitch together one of my step-mother-in-laws quilts and totally failed. That is still available, by the way! And I shortened a pair of my husband's jeans. We tend to buy him work jeans at the thrift stores but can never find any short enough for him. I guess that's what you get when you marry a man who's 5'7".

I also worked on several May for Me projects which I will save to share with you in May!


I decided to change the format of this post. In the future I'll be posting weekly what I've gotten done, instead of monthly. This style post is just too long and has too many pictures. The shorter posts will give me the chance to write something nicer and reach more readers because some people just don't like reading such long posts!

I'll also be adding a tab up top for my monthly and yearly business and personal goals. I'll cross them off as I accomplish them and add links to any posts I write about them.

Sorry this was so long but I hope you enjoyed it!

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