Monday, August 16, 2010

The Beginnings of Our New Fence

"Fences make good neighbors" according to my mom as we talked about our new fence the other day.

We have what some people would call 'neighbors from hell'. They leave the little ones unsupervised, play heavy-metal music as loud as possible, leave stuff everywhere, have screaming matches loud enough to raise the dead, & rev up the motorcycle as loud and long as possible at 11 pm just to name a few things. I will not go into detail about the more serious things as they are not very pleasant.

Justin and I decided that enough was enough and we were going to build an 8 foot fence between our houses. Well, we actually want a privacy fence the whole way around our yard but seeing as how we can only afford part of it at a time we decided to start where the fence will get the most use.

We currently have a chain link fence all the way around the yard. It's over 30 years old and has served it's purpose.

We began by measuring everything. My husband thinks we might be able to sell the good parts on Craig's List to help pay for even more privacy fencing.

After that supplies and equipment were brought in. Grandma's tractor came in handy to pull out those old fence posts.

Taking down the old chain link fence took us about a day. The heat was so overwhelming that you could only work for a half hour at a time before you had to go in and rest for another half hour. The heat has definitely made this a slow-going project.

To put up the new fence Justin first had to put up a leveling string so the fence would be even. And he had to hand dig the post holes. Each one is about 2 feet deep. Justin was very sore after that.

Ian helped a lot. He's carried wood, helped measure, & cleaned up wherever needed.

Of course, Jameson supervised.

And that is the beginnings of our new fence!

Look out Mom, I'm off to inspect something else!

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