Sunday, August 15, 2010

Regaining Focus

Lately my attention has been drawn in 10 different directions and I feel like I'm losing my sanity trying to keep up with everything. I found it was time to stop, regroup, rethink, and regain focus.

First I needed to identify where and what I needed to focus on. If you are feeling stressed out or in need of regaining your focus then I encourage you to do the same.

1) Family

My family is the most important part of my life. It's my responsibility to care for and nurture my boys. I need to do the mundane things like making sure they are fed and clothed and the more important things like loving them.

One thing I've let slack it meal planning. I've not been doing very good at cooking healthy meals lately because I'm not prepared or don't have the ingredients. I don't need to cook every single night as there is nothing wrong with an occasional take out meal but when we are eating take out several times a week that's just not healthy on our waistlines or our budget.

Another thing I just haven't had time to do it sewing for my family. My boys are rough on their jeans and it's time to patch them up. I also have several projects around the house I keep putting off. It's time to put them on my to-do list!

Lastly, marriage falls under the family category. It's been admittedly tough this year with our new addition and the added traveling Justin has had to do to prepare for deployment next year. The little bit of time we have together we need to cherish. It's been hard to plan anything because the time he is home he has projects to squeeze in before he has to leave again. So, one thing I need to do is make it easier for him to do his projects. I still have yet to figure out how to do that though!

2) Spirituality

I would consider myself a spiritual person. However, I'm not a religious person. I don't attend a church or anything like that. In the past I've been gotten up early, before anyone in the house, so I can get a hour or 2 of spiritual time in. I read, pray, write, etc. I've not been getting up lately so I haven't had time to focus on my spiritual side. Now it's time to refocus on my spirit because my days do go better even when I've lost a few hours of sleep.

3) Home

Being a homemaker, focusing on my home is something I should be doing too. Sometimes that's hard to do when your heart isn't in it or when outside things take all your time. Cleaning, organizing, decorating, etc are all things on my to do list. In the past I've found to be very helpful in helping me keep a great looking house with minimal effort. I've also kept a homemakers binder and it's time to revamp that.

4) Business

My sewing business is important to me. It gives me the chance to express myself but here lately I've been focusing on it too much. It's time to find a balance between what has to be done, what needs to be done, what I want out of it, and what realistic time I have to work on it.

Taking the time to think about these things has been a great exercise in seeing what's important in my life. It's also given me great motivation to go get something done! See you all later!


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