Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 14: Calendars

On Day 14 you'll be doing something easy again.

Read Kelly's Guide on How to Use a Calendar.

After you read that I hope you'll be able to see the importance of having and using a calendar. They are one of the best tools to have in keeping us organized.

It doesn't matter what kind of calendar you have.

In the past I used Microsoft Outlook but I tend to prefer the paper format. I keep a calendar in my Homemakers Binder and I keep one in my kitchen for everyone to see. I also like to color code everyone. Justin is blue. I am pink. Ian is green. Jameson is yellow. General information is orange. All I have to do is look at a certain color and know that information on my calendar is about that certain person.

In the past I've purchased Flylady's Calendar. It has nice big squares to write in and you can get some fun stickers with it.

But if your finances are tight, like most of us these days, you can print your own monthly calendar from the internet.
Here are a few of my favorite resources: (scroll down for the free printables)

If you have a link to one of your favorite calendar resources, please leave a comment with it for everyone!

And if you don't have the money or a printer then draw some squares on a piece of paper and create your own calendar!

Don't forget to keep up with your Morning and Bedtime Routines!


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