Thursday, August 19, 2010

Captain Destructo Strikes Again!

My little one has, well, 'helped' me yet again in reorganizing my sewing room. He LOVES playing in all the fabric, pulling whatever he can get off the shelves, shaking it out, and hiding underneath it.

I don't mind.

Really, I don't!

It just looks sooo messy. I'm not that big of a neat freak but I do like my fabric organized. And I know I have a lot of fabric to pull off those shelves!

Maybe I should just be glad one of my children likes fabric. I'm sure that won't last long though. As soon as he's old enough I bet he'll be under that car hood right along side daddy.

How can I stay mad at someone with a face like that?

Anyways, stay tuned for tomorrow when I show you how I organized my stash!

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