Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Garden Bouquet Quilt: Month 21- The Violet

Nancy told the members two weeks ago that the last flower was a spring one. They had guessed apple blossoms and Johnny jump ups and Jack in the pulpits, not to mention Dutchman’s breeches and bleeding hearts. But Nancy kept on saying, “No, no, not that flower.”

The answer was easy, once the members of the Nancy Page Quilt club saw the last drawing for the flower quilt. It was the violet, a large one, to be sure, but then Nancy said she knew a place where violets grew to be perfectly enormous- just enormous.

The color is easy for this last flower, something in violet or lavender, either plain or sprigged or dotted.

The very center is worked in yellow, fast color embroidery cotton.

The stem is done in green- bias tape, preferably.

The leaves are in green.

The design is applied to the white triangle which is seamed to the lower triangle made up of the pieced urn. The two birds are appliquéd beside the flower.

The method of making is the same as that used in all previous blocks. Transfer pattern on lightweight cardboard is cut out and laid on the materials. These are cut with a quarter inch allowance on all sides for turning under the raw edges.

After the raw edges are basted and pressed in place the pieces are pinned onto the white triangles and appliquéd in place. So are the birds the leaves and the stems. And now the blocks are all finished.

These four blocks- the balloon flower, lemon lily, crocus and violet are seamed to the lower sides of the diamonds and triangles of white which have been seamed to the flower blocks in the row above.

This leaves the triangles of white to be put in between the flower blocks. Triangles only are used since we have now reached the outer part of the quilt. We need to get a straight edge on which to attach the border strips.

In the two lower corners, that is, on the lower left of the balloon flower block and the lower right of the last block, the violet, the small triangles measuring 12 ½ by 12 ½ by 8 ¾ seamed.

I haven’t been able to work on my block so I don’t have anything to show off. I will update this when I do get the chance!

Do you have any Garden Bouquet Quilt blocks to show off? Leave a link to your blog post about it in the comment section or email me a photo at heathers_custom_sewing{at} so I can share with everyone!

I hope you are enjoying this series!

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