Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pattern Drafting 101: Pattern Care

Today I'll be talking about how I care for and store my patterns. Everyone is different and I'd love to hear how others take care of their patterns. I'm sure others would too!

When I bring home a new pattern I usually take it out and cut it apart. Before I use it to cut out a new outfit I'll run a warm iron, no steam, over the tissue paper to get out any wrinkles.

When I'm done with my pattern, I never attempt to try to fit it back into it's regular pocket. Instead, I store everything in a gallon sized baggie. These bags are a life saver for me! I can keep everything in one place and not worry about trying to shove it back into that small pocket.

I also have a large selection of patterns. Storage can be an issue but I've found a large clear storage box to be the best solution.

When I use a pattern a lot or need it for several sizes I make a hard copy of it. You can use anything to make a copy of a pattern, tissue paper, wrapping paper, etc. I use medium weight non-fusible interfacing. I like the weight and durability of it. I lay down my original pattern then place my interfacing on top and trace the size I need, making sure to also copy the any notches or other markings. On my hard copy I also write the pattern name, number and size for future reference. I also store these with my original pattern in the gallon baggie.

And that is the basics on pattern care. Do you have any more suggestions? I'd love to hear them!

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