Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pattern Drafting 101: Scissor Care

Many sewers and seamstresses/seamsters will tell you that properly taking care of your scissors is one of the most important things.

To extend the life of your scissors there are a few rules to follow.

Fabric scissors should ONLY be used on fabric. Don't use them on anything but fabric as it dulls the blades. In my house my fabric scissors are kept separate from the rest of the household scissors. There is an unwritten rule in my house that if you touch my fabric scissors, let alone use them, you will die. OK, maybe I'm not that mean but you might lose a limb.

I also store my scissors away from everyone else's so they know that these are mine and aren't to be touched. They sit next to my sewing table in an old jar. Some people mark their scissors or but a tie on a piece of ribbon to show they are only for fabric.

I have a pair of scissors strictly for fabric, a pair for cutting heavier fabrics such as denim, a pair of 'everything' scissors, and a small pair of scissors to trim threads. It's not necessary to have so many different kinds of sewing scissors in your arsenal but I find having all of them very beneficial.

If you scissors become dull you can purchase special scissor sharpeners. I have an old manual sharpener I got when my grandmother passed away but there are definately newer models. With mine you 'cut' the metal bar and it sharpens the scissors as you run your blades along it. If you can't find anything then get a length of aluminum foil, fold it over several times, and cut it with your dull scissors, they should now be sharp!

Do you have special fabric scissors? What are some of the ways you keep yours separate? And do you have a 'you touch and die' rule like me?

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