Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tutorial: Book Binding: Jean Journal Cover

This is another installment of my book binding series. You can learn how to create the pages HERE, create a fabric cover HERE, and learn how to put it all together HERE.

This tutorial is an extension of the fabric cover post and will be short and sweet. Follow the basic instructions laid out in that post to create the chip board pieces and how to apply the cover.

When you Mod Podge the chip board and the jean cover leave a larger gap (about 1/4 inch) between the spine and the book front and back. The jean is thicker and needs more room to close.

I have also added ribbon ties to the inside chip board to hold it closed. Mod Podge a square of scrap fabric on top to hold it in place. You can also add a book mark to the top edge using the same concept.

I wanted my jean journal cover to have a nice hard cover so I applied 6-8 coats of Gloss Mod Podge, letting it dry between coats.

To achieve the high gloss and to also keep the Mod Podge from having a tacky feeling I sprayed the whole cover with a clear acrylic gloss spray. I might have done a couple coats, I can’t remember.

Once my cover was dry (let dry at least 24 hours) I assembled it according to the directions you can find HERE.


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