Monday, May 9, 2011

Simple Things in Life: The Perfect Shirt

This shirt was on my May for Me to-do list. I think it's Simply Perfect!

There are a lot of pictures in this post: you've been warned! :) You can click to enlarge the photos too.

I made 3 shirts from the same pattern. They are slightly different then each other making each unique in it's own way. I purchased the blue and white polka dot fabric and the pattern from Walmart.

The first shirt has sleeves and uses the blue polka dot fabric as the base. I altered the pattern to add the strip of alternating white polka dot fabric at the bottom.

The second shirt I made uses the white polka dot fabric as the base with the blue polka dot fabric for the accents.

The third shirt I made uses a fabric from the Anthology fabric line. I made this one a size smaller then the other two, which fits better. It's sleeveless and shorter then the other two also.


I hope you enjoyed seeing what I've created for myself because I LOVE everything about them!

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