Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ahhh Hexi 3: The Columbine, 2 Versions

I'm really sorry for being MIA lately! It's been very busy around here with the holidays and with the extra volume of things that I've been working on (and the fact the hubby's computer died so he steals mine in the evenings which is the time I usually spent blogging)! I'll be pre-scheduling some posts soon to show off all the pretty things I've done! I've been working very hard, not just in the sewing room, but on a few personal matters which have also kept me from writing so much. But everything is all good and I feel good and I'm ready to finish this year out right!

Have you been following along with Tonya (my Sissy!) and her Ahhh Hexi Learn Along? You haven't?! For shame…

Just kidding! (Or am I??)

Well, I'm a little behind on her learn along but that's OK! These 2 hexagons are nearly the same with only the center portion changed.

In the first version I used bright Hawaiian colors. The bold pink is actually a hand dyed fabric I got from Tonya a while ago. Pretty isn't it?

The second version I used a pink and white matching fabric that I'd purchased awhile ago. To get the stripes to match up I had to glue the fabric to the cardstock which I've never done before. I think this one is my favorite so far!

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