Saturday, December 17, 2011


I have several toddlers in my family, including one of my own! I thought they'd enjoy a cape this Christmas. I was worried about making the kind that has the neck strap that might choke a little one so when I came across the idea to put arm straps instead, I had to give it a try! No more choking! Another great feature of this cape is that it's reversible. I have so many great ideas running through my head for these! These turned out really great!

My model was a little uncooperative though. He didn't want me taking his picture and then I made him put away his cape until Christmas and he walked around pouting for about an hour afterwards. LOL

I've got a couple made up for my shop already. I don't have them listed just yet, which is too bad and a little late to be sending them out for Christmas anyways. Next year I'll be so much better prepared!

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