Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Bit of Randomness

I'm playing a bit of catching up today. I meant to post the past several days but I have been too busy, first with Christmas and second with painting my sewing room.

All the painting is completed as of right now. The trim and doors got a glossy coat of white and the walls got a semi-glossy coat of frosty blue. I also installed new doorknobs and put up pretty new outlet covers. The room looks so much cleaner and larger now! My husband is working on the framework for built in shelves and a countertop! I am really missing my sewing room but I'm making up for it with a good book or two. I'm only going to post a one pic today just to show off the paint. I'll do a whole post with lots of pictures later when it's completed!

Christmas was great at our house as you can see by the mess the boys made…

The best combined gift the boys got were the rolly cart things.

Ian's best gift was a child-sized electric guitar.

And Jameson's best gift was a tent my husband and I made. I also made one for both of my nephews!

I made this Kindle cover before my sewing room was torn apart and it was a gift to myself. I've had my Kindle for about a year and it really needed some sort of protective covering when I take it places with me. This project was Pinterest inspired. I hand quilted the cover following the lines of the fabric print. I then put binding on and added resin snaps from my cloth diapering stash. I really love what I came up with! And it was good foresight since I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas!

I hope you all have had a great Christmas!

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