Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Small Cloth Diapers Now Available!

Sewing Room Progress: well, I haven't gotten very far! All the holes are patched, sanded and ready to paint. I started taping off the beat up old wood work, sanding it to rough it up, and got a light coat of paint on a small part of the baseboards and all the window. I think it's going to take 2-3 coats of white paint to make it look really nice.

But the main reason I didn't get very far was because my little helper was a little too much help! Jameson (2 years old) wanted to help sand, tasted a chunk of drywall mud, drew pictures in the drywall dust on the floor (getting himself covered in the process), pulled up a section of tape, and wanted to do everything I did!

Painting was and will be done during nap times, which means it'll take me several extra days to finish it. Today I hope to finish sanding woodwork and taping. I will just need to find a good activity for busy little hands while I work.


That's all a round about way of saying that my sewing room is still closed for custom orders but I still have a bunch of ready to ship items!

This is a play off post of yesterdays post about the newborn cloth diapers. I also have small cloth diapers sewn up in the same style (different fabrics) and available in my shop. The small cloth diapers are a little bigger and roomier and would best fit babies 6 to 12 pounds.

I really enjoyed making these diapers and hope to have medium and large available after my sewing room is put back together!

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