Monday, December 12, 2011

Tangramesque Fabric Puzzle

I found the idea for this fabric puzzle on Pinterest. I thought it would make a really great gift for a toddler or younger child.

It is basically 3" mini quilts… 1 side is a full square, the other side is 2 triangles sewn together, with a batting sandwiched in between. I chose to use every color of the rainbow on the triangle side and black and white fabrics on the backside. All the fabrics came from my scrap pile which made me really happy to use them up!

I made 2 sets of fabric puzzles and 2 drawstring bags. One is for my toddler son and the other is a gift.

I envision lots of stacking, counting, color naming, eye spying, pattern creating, tossing, throwing, and scattering with these!

I was thinking about creating these for my shop or for a craft show. What do you think about that and what would you pay for a set?

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