Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 23: Afternoon Routine

Day 23 is about setting up your Afternoon Routine.

I spoke briefly about my routine in Step 4 of creating your Homemaker's Binder.

I'll elaborate on mine today.

I can't stress how much smoother our days go by when we have a routine set down. My son, Ian, who is in 2nd grade, knows exactly what's expected of him. I rarely hear him complain. My routine gets everything needed done and leaves plenty of free time to play or goof off.

I have an After School Routine which basically involves picking up Ian from school, having a snack, and doing homework.

I also have an Evening Routine which walks me through everything I need to do from dinner preparation to clean-up to the boys bath time and bed time.

Most of the time I do these routines out of habit but every once in a while my mind goes blank because I'm tired or not feeling well and all I have to do is look in my Homemaker's Binder for a reminder.

I hope my routines give you some good examples on how to set up your routines! Once you have something figured out you can type it up, add some pictures, and slip it into a sheet protector in your binder/journal.

I'd love to hear how your coming along!


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