Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Progress on Our New Fence

I first wrote about our new fence, HERE. That post explains everything about our 'neighbors from hell'.

Progress has been slow on our new fence because of some health issues my husband has had and because of him being out of town. He did, however, get the first portion of the fence done. This sits between our house and the neighbors we don't particularly like.

We live in a small town and as most all small towns go gossip is big. I've heard around the block that our fence was a long time coming because we're not the only ones who think the way we do about our neighbors. That's pretty sad but true.

Anyways, my husband always surprises me with his knowledge of building things. I suppose that comes from growing up in the country and living in a farm town.

We decided to go with a 6 foot privacy fence and on top will be an additional 2 foot lattice. The lattice isn't there yet but hopefully we'll be able to get it put up soon! The front corner of the fence tapers down and we'll eventually put up a nice fence along the front to go along with it.

Ian helped quite a bit too. Justin had him carry most of the fence slats while he was working on putting them in.

Jameson helped too by inspecting everything.

He taste tested some grass and sticks too just to be sure everything was just so.

It all looks great to me so far and we can't wait to get the rest of the fence finished!

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