Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Garden Bouquet Quilt: Month 22- The Border

There was great excitement in the Nancy Page Quilt club. The last block had been seamed into the quilt. Here it was in all its glory. Flowers, urns and birds were all arranged in orderly sequence. And wasn’t it pretty? You never heard so many “oh’s” and “ah’s.” Each member liked certain blocks of her own better than anyone else’s, and each member found a block or two in a neighbor’s quilt which she wanted to put into her own.

And now came the question of the border. The quilt was planned for a finished size of 90 by 108 inches. This is generous on any double bed. It allows a good hangover at sides and end and a generous tuck in under pillows with enough to spare to cover the pillows like the old-fashioned sham.

If 90 by 108 inches seems too large, and anyone can tell by spreading a sheet of known size over the bed and seeing how much hang-over it allows- then the border may be made smaller.

Nancy planned to make her border with a strip of white (2 ½ inches), then a pieced strip of white and the urn color (3 inches), and then an outer band of urn color (3 inches). She did not plan to scallop the edges, since the general feeling of the urns is one of geometrically and regularly arranged straight pieces. The straight strips may be mitered at the corners, but since the corner square of pieced patches is not mitered it seems wiser to tear the strips of such a length that they reach from top to bottom of the quilt, letting the end and top pieces of the first or inner strip be of same size as pieced center of quilt.

Nancy tore two strips (A and B) of white for each side, for each end, both top and bottom. These are A and B on pattern. In every case these were one-half inch larger than the finished strip was to be. This allowed for seams.

In cutting the blocks- 1 and 1, 2 and 3- she used the patterns as given in today’s paper, always allowing one-quarter inch on all sides for seams. The pattern is worked out for 90 by 108-inch quilt. Be sure to start border of corners and work toward center, to get true and exact corners.

There were other borders which different members used. Frances used a strip of urn color, then white and then urn color. She had these of equal width. Dorothy used the leaf border given last summer. This called for a wide strip of green- she had used a green urn throughout the quilt- for the outermost edge joined to an equally wide strip of white which bordered or framed the pieced center of quilt.

At regular intervals the green and white were decorated with appliquéd leaves of green and white. A green leaf was appliquéd on the white strip and a white leaf on the green strip. They were most effective. Each member worked out her own scheme, as was said before- and each member admired the efforts of the others.

And now came the quilting. And did they discuss what quilting patterns should be used! They did. Next week we will listen to their discussions. All the members cut out today’s patterns and pasted them in their Nancy Page quilt scrapbook. That book was certainly a treasure trove.

We are almost done with the Garden Bouquet Quilt Series. I have thoroughly enjoyed this quilt even though I am slowly working on it and nowhere near completing it. I hope you are enjoying this quilt too. And if you have a quilt you’d like to show off just email me a photo or two to heathers_custom_sewing{at} so I can share it with everyone else!


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