Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 30: Check your Calendar

Day 30 is about checking your calendar for the future.

At the end of every month, check the next months calendar for any birthdays, anniversaries, etc. If you need to buy gifts, cards or supplies put it on your errand list for the next time you go to the store. This way you'll never forget another birthday again!

Today is also for learning more about the Basic Weekly Plan. You can learn about it HERE.
My Basic Weekly Plan is as follows:

Monday- Cleaning Day
-Weekly Home Blessing
-Water Indoor Plants
-Wash White & Lights
-Wash Cloth Diapers

Tuesday- Sewing Day
-Wash Colors & Reds
-Wash Cloth Diapers

Wednesday- Planning Day
-Clean Out Frig
-Take Out Kitchen Trash
-Create Menu
-Write Grocery List
-Wash Darks & Dirties
-Wash Cloth Diapers

Thursday- Errand Day
-Run Errands & Go Grocery Shopping
-Wash Jeans
-Wash Cloth Diapers

Friday- Desk Day
-Clean Out Car & Check Car Seats
-Clean Out Purse
-Pay Bills
-Balance Checkbook
-Balance Business Books
-File Papers
-Wash Cloth Diapers

Saturday- Family Fun Day
-Wash Cloth Diapers

Sunday- Renew Your Spirit Day
-Wash Cloth Diapers
-Change Cat Litter
-Take Out Trash

My plan was developed after a long while so don't expect yours to look anything like mine immediately. I keep it right in front of all my Daily Routines in my Homemaker's Binder. I hope it gives you some good ideas though.

I'd love to hear about your weekly plan too!


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